Living in Severna Park, MD, is exciting and rewarding. This city teems with family-friendly attractions and interesting things to do, and property owners can truly live their American dream. However, if you own a home or a business in Severna Park, you can’t afford to be passive in your fight against pests. Critters are more than just sneaky opportunists; they are a destructive force that can cause substantial damage to your property if you don’t let a professional pest exterminator step in with an effective solution.

Termite Control

Soldier termites are phenomenal burrowers. With their strong mandible, they have the ability to penetrate all sorts of structures, especially damaged wood. Whether you’re dealing with the subterranean type or the drywood type, an aggressive plan is the right treatment option. Therefore, over-the-counter pesticides are a waste of money. Termites are blind but clever. Once they invade and settle down in your home or business, they will do what it takes to expand and support their colony. Their favorite food is cellulose, and this is a substance found in plants and wood. That’s why they pose a serious threat to the integrity of your property. Thankfully, a termite infestation can’t withstand the exterminating methods used by the professionals at Atlantic Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control

When it comes to protecting your home against unwanted visitors, the secret is to be proactive. You also got to be alert so that you can catch the problem early on. It’s OK if you’re unfamiliar with the common signs of an infestation. At Atlantic Pest Control, we know what to look for because we have extensive experience under our belt. More importantly, we’re adept at dealing with spiders, roaches and other critters that like to give homeowners a hard time.

Due to the fact that insects and rodents like to lurk in hard-to-reach areas, it’s imperative that you get your home inspected thoroughly. The results of the inspection will reveal everything you need to know about your pest problem. If you really want to raise your family in a bug-free indoor environment, you shouldn’t hesitate to opt for a fully customized program.

Commercial Pest Control

As you might expect, your business is vulnerable to an infestation as well. Pests, especially ants and rats, are very proficient at finding entry points. Aside from food and moisture, all they want is a dark place to live and breed. Unfortunately, your commercial building provides the ideal conditions for them to thrive.

Although it’s true that pests are persistent and somewhat stealthy, they can be handled by seasoned pest exterminators. Such professionals know how to use cutting-edge strategies that will control pesky insects and rodents with amazing results. Call Atlantic Pest Control at your earliest convenience if you want a free quote on our service.