Maryland property owners have to stand guard against rodents and other pests year round. As the weather brings frigid temperatures, many rodents will seek shelter and warmth inside homes, office buildings, warehouses and other structures. Other pests feed off buildings in the Cockeysville area year round, causing extensive damage to the property as their numbers grow year after year. While many pests don’t mind sharing space with humans, most humans are unwilling to accept the financial consequences of infestation. In some cases, there are also health concerns when humans live with pests over a long period of time. It’s always best to seek protection for your property and well being.

Protection from Ants

Ants may seem harmless when you first notice them in your home or office space. You can easily eliminate one or two on your own, but they seem to replace themselves at alarming rates. You kill two only to find five more in their place come lunchtime. From carpenter ants feasting on the wood inside your home to many other varieties that prefer to feast on crumbs dropped on your counter top, immediate intervention is needed to stop a serious infestation.

Protection from Termites

Termites are one of the worst infestations for residential and commercial structures because they’re difficult to detect. By the time you notice wings by the windows or other subtle signs of their existence, you’re often already facing thousands of dollars in property damage. If left untreated, a termite infestation can eventually weaken the structure of your home and make it unsafe for habitation. While they’re experts at hiding, the professionals at Atlantic Pest Control are experts at finding and eliminating all varieties of termites in Maryland.

Protection from Rodents

Rodents can destroy your quality of life and cause a lot of embarrassment. Imagine a guest screaming in the middle of the night as they encounter a rat on their way to the restroom. Imagine your own heart pounding as you see something scurry across the room while you’re enjoying popcorn and a movie. It’s impossible to relax and enjoy your home with these intrusions, so call for treatment at the first sign of rodent invasion.

What is the first sign of rodent infestation? It’s is often a rat running through some part of your property, but you may also notice droppings in hidden areas such as underneath your kitchen sink.

You’re Not Alone

When you realize that your ant problem is only getting worse, that a rat is breeding under your sink or that termites are munching away at the home you worked so hard to purchase, it’s natural to panic. You know that you can’t handle this problem on your own, so you reach out to professionals able to solve the problem. While you may rest easy once the pests are gone, ongoing prevention is essential to ensure a repeat infestation.

Whether you’re certain that a pest has invaded your property or you’re just concerned that it could happen without professional protection, Atlantic Pest Control is the only call you need to make. Our professionals know how to eliminate the pests efficiently, and it doesn’t always require harsh chemicals.