If you live in the quaint town of Mount Washington, MD, you probably already know about the beautiful scenery of the town and its proximity to Baltimore. Mount Washington is also known for its Victorian homes and antique shops. Despite its idyllic characteristics, Mount Washington isn’t insulated from the local pests, and if you live or own a business in the area, you might be wondering, “Where can I find an exterminator near me?”

Termite Control

There are subterranean, dry wood, and damp wood termites, and each kind finds its way into your home in its own unique way. Unfortunately, all three kinds can do major damage to your home, either in the foundation or in the cellulose materials inside of your home. Termites have a diverse diet of wood, paper products, and other common materials found inside of both homes and businesses, and they can do significant damage in as little as a couple of months. Atlantic Pest control is equipped to give you termite control services that will put your mind at ease.

Residential Pest Control

When you’re looking for a residential pest control service that can provide a bed bug treatment, mosquito treatment, rodent control, and roach control, look at the services that we at Atlantic Pest Control can provide. Whether you have ants, wasps, birds, mice, or any other kind of rodent, we know how to give you quality pest control Mount Washington.

Commercial Pest Control

When you own a business, you’re responsible for the health and safety of your customers and employees when they’re inside your building. And if you own a restaurant, grocery store, or other business that carries food, you need to be especially careful that you provide a hygienic place for people to shop or dine. At Atlantic Pest Control, we provide you with commercial pest control Mount Washington.

Our Top Pest Control Services

When you’re looking for a way to maintain your properties, you might be wondering, “Where can I find an exterminator near me?” Atlantic Pest Control can help you by providing the following services:

If you have a pest problem, Atlantic Pest Control can help alleviate your concerns and protect your property and its inhabitants. Give us a call today for a free estimate.