Pests are an unnecessary evil. Almost every homeowner or commercial property manager has encountered some type of pest. Between the risk of property damage and the diseases that pests carry, property owners are caught in the middle of a high-stakes situation. If you’ve seen signs of a rodent or insect infestation, call Atlantic Pest Control. Our experts provide effective extermination and pest management services to customers in Timonium, Baltimore and central Maryland.

Rodent Control

According to the U.S. Census American Housing Survey, 15 percent of property owners in Timonium have reported seeing evidence of mice infestations in the last year. A smaller number of residents have reported problems with rat infestations. Rats and mice are easy to tell apart. Mice measure less than 4 inches long and weigh less than 1 ounce. Rats are over 9 inches long and have a long ropey tail.

Rats, mice and other rodents pose several risks. They can damage drywall, lumber and electrical wires. They can contaminate pantry items and food preparation surfaces. Rodents will also disturb your peace of mind. People who live in affected homes often report physical symptoms, including asthma and allergies. If you’ve seen rats or mice in your home, we can provide a one-time service or schedule monthly or quarterly treatments.

Ant Treatments

Ants are the number one household pest. Unfortunately, some homes seem to have continual problems with these tiny invaders. Odorous house, pharaoh and acrobat ants are a few of the most common species found indoors. Carpenter ants are typically seen outdoors and around nests that they have built in wood. Odorous house ants and other indoor species usually measure less than one-quarter of an inch long. Carpenter ants are about four times larger. If you have an ant infestation, we can get to the root of the problem. Our professional exterminators use advanced baits that are transported back to the colony and eliminate the need for chemical sprays.

Termite Control

Local properties have a moderate to high risk of termite infestations. Termites usually enter homes from the ground up, but they can also find their way in through attic vents and other openings. Colonies of subterranean termites are difficult to treat because they have a sprawling structure. Each colony contains several different castes, including soldiers, workers, queens and larvae. You might see creamy white workers in infected soil or damaged wood. In the spring, large groups of swarmers leave mature colonies to establish their own settlements. These swarmers are grayish brown and have two sets of overlapping wings that are larger than their bodies. As an authorized Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System Operator, we can treat subterranean termites and other species faster than ever. We are also available to perform real estate inspections and to repair structural damage.

For residential or commercial pest management in Timonium and central Maryland, you can count on Atlantic Pest Control. We offer transparent pricing, no-obligation quotes and flexible treatment schedules. Let us develop a plan to keep your residential or commercial property free from ants, rodents, termites and other pests. Call us today to learn more!