When homeowners and business owners in Towson find themselves dealing with an infestation of ants, bed bugs or roaches, they’ll need to call in the pest control experts to eradicate the insects. All of these insects can easily enter structures through small holes and weaknesses in the foundation. Once inside, they can pose serious health risks to the inhabitants.

Ant Control

Ants are small brownish-black insects that are usually about a quarter of an inch long. While they typically live outside in small ground colonies, they can occasionally find their way inside, especially if a steady supply of food and water is readily available. Though the ants indigenous to the Towson area are not typically venomous, they can nevertheless carry dirt and grime into residences. Although ants commonly enter homes near doors and windows, they can also get in through cracked pipes or broken cement near basement foundations. The ants release chemical trails when food is found, and this is what drives large numbers of them to invade kitchens for sugary snacks.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are small critters that are typically only the size of an ink dot. The bodies of the critters are flat and milky white when they have not recently fed. After a feeding, however, they can appear engorged and dark red. There are five nymph stages before the bugs become adults. The egg masses themselves are usually set down in protected areas around soft fabrics. Though bed bugs typically enter most homes through infested sheets and blankets, they can quickly spread to furniture pieces, mattresses and even carpet. Bed bugs, in fact, must feed on blood in order to continue growing. The critters can leave red marks on the skin that can lead to allergic reactions in certain individuals.

Roach Control

Roaches are inch-long critters that are typically brown or black with small stripes across the back. They are known for their extended antennae and their ability to survive both extreme cold and extreme heat. They leave egg sacs in dark areas and small black trails of droppings as they move. Roaches often live underneath kitchen sinks and near bathroom toilets and tubs. They can also get into food containers and make the contents permanently unusable. Roaches can carry several diseases and can also aggravate allergies.

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