Baltimore’s historic Canton neighborhood is known for its vast parks, fine dining and attractive architecture. Unfortunately, the district also harbors an assortment of tenacious pests. These creatures frequently cause problems for local home and business owners. The most common uninvited guests in this waterfront neighborhood are ants, rodents and termites.

Rodent Control

If you see a large rodent in the Canton area, it’s probably a Norway rat. This species can grow up to 18 inches long. Its rough fur shifts from gray to brown as it matures. Norway rats begin to reproduce in as little as two months, according to the city of Baltimore.

Smaller mice also invade homes in this district. Rodents often enter buildings by finding unsealed cracks or creating new holes with their teeth. They can chew through wood, cinder blocks and even metal. After infiltrating the house, rodents may contaminate your food and spread diseases. They also spark fires by gnawing on power cables.

Termite Control

Eastern subterranean termites infest buildings in Canton from time to time. Most of these insects measure about one-eighth inch and have whitish bodies with straight antennas. The darker winged termites grow three times longer. They have four transparent, slender wings that frequently fall off.

Termites in Maryland often build underground nests. If your home has wooden components that touch the ground, the insects may burrow into them and start an infestation. This pest usually remains hidden as it hollows out beams, walls and window frames. Termites can inflict tremendous damage and even cause structures to collapse.

Ant Control

Several different ant species inhabit the Baltimore area. They include carpenter, pharaoh, pavement and acrobat ants. Length measurements range from approximately one-sixteenth to five-eighths of an inch. These pests typically have dark bodies with three segments. Fire ants occasionally enter Maryland, but they prefer warmer climates.

Ants are so small that they can find their way inside almost any building. This ravenous pest easily crawls through gaps under doors, cracks in siding and window screen holes. It may invade kitchen cabinets and start to devour your food. Some ants also destroy wood as they construct indoor nests.

If insects or rodents infest your property, it’s wise to contact a reputable pest control firm. A skilled exterminator can return your home or business to normal as quickly as possible. Atlantic Pest Control’s experienced staff works to provide Canton residents with effective long-term solutions. For a free quote, please give us a call today!

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