Located in Northern Baltimore, Guilford is one of the city’s best neighborhoods. Residents love Guilford’s peaceful atmosphere. If you need more to do, downtown Baltimore is just a 15-minute drive away. While the living conditions in Guilford are great, pests can still cause issues for local homes and businesses. You may be wondering, “Is there professional pest control near me?” Atlantic Pest Control proudly serves the area.

Termite Control

Termites are among the most problematic insects in Guilford. Although termites are naturally found in the forest, don’t be surprised to find them taking refuge in your backyard. When left unbothered, a termite colony can quietly cause thousands of dollars in structural damage to your home. The digestive system of a termite is specifically designed to break down cellulose, which is a fiber-like material found in plants.

Contrary to popular belief, these insects don’t just feed on wooden structures. They are also known to feed on drywall, paper, and foam. To prevent your home from being attacked by these insects, it’s advisable to get a yearly termite inspection. By catching a potential problem early, you can save yourself from a big repair bill

Residential Pest Control

When lounging at home with your family and friends, pests should be the least of your concerns. Unfortunately, pests are always looking for new sources of food and shelter. Failing to take the necessary precautions could make your home a hotspot for certain invaders. When the weather starts to heat up, mosquito control becomes extremely important.

Aside from leaving you with an itchy bite, mosquitoes have the potential to spread sickness. Professional mosquito control will give you an extra measure of protection against these blood-lusting parasites. You may also need the help of an ant exterminator.

While carpenter ants can damage property by tunneling through wooden structures, odorous house ants have a reputation for contaminating food. After an ant exterminator visiting your home, expect these pests to quickly disappear.

Commercial Pest Control

If you have commercial property near Guildford, it’s important to prevent pest infestations. Rodent control should be a top priority. Mice and rats are skilled at getting into dwellings. A lack of rodent control will ultimately lead to serious sanitation issues and damaged property. Meanwhile, apartment buildings are prone to experiencing a bed bug infestation. Like female mosquitoes, these tiny insects feed on blood. A bed bug infestation will certainly make life a lot less enjoyable for tenants.

Pest Services We Offer:

No longer will you need to ask the question, “Is there pest control near me?” Guilford homes and businesses are encouraged to call Atlantic Pest Control for a free estimate on service.