While there are some insects such as the ladybug, lacewing and damsel bugs that you may welcome into your yard because they prove to be beneficial to a healthy landscape, there is absolutely no insect of any kind that you would want to take up residence on the inside of your home. Various insects can cause terrible damage to your home, and some can even have negative health effects on the people residing within your household.

Termite Control

Chances are you are more likely to see the damage that termites leave behind before you actually see the termite. Often mistaken for ants, these small insects have four equal-sized wings that they actually shed, a straight waist and straight antennae. While there are no definitive health risks associated with termites, their razor-sharp teeth can burrow through the wood of your home. This can actually lead to structural damage that may render your home unlivable. It’s even possible for them to eat their way inside and begin munching on your wood furniture and books.

Roach Control

There’s not much worse than turning on your kitchen light at night for a snack only to see hundreds of nasty roaches scurrying everywhere, and they can find their way into your home from the smallest of openings. You can generally identify a roach by its flat oval-shaped body, small head, armor-like body covering, six spiny legs and flattened wings that some have on their backs. Roaches are a hazard to humans due to the fact that they carry dangerous bacteria and parasitic worms and may also trigger severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Bed Bug Control

These invasive little creatures may inadvertently be brought into your home from your hotel room luggage or clothing, or they may even hitch a ride on your pet’s fur. Once inside your home, they go to work right away infesting your bed, other furniture, clothing and stuffed toys. The adults are small, but they can be identified by their reddish-brown bodies that are flat and oval in shape. Bed bugs like to hide in cracks and crevices during the day, but they come out and bite humans in the night. Many people wake with hundreds of bites, and this can cause a severe allergic reaction in some people.

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