Bed bugs, rodents and termites threaten Hampden homes throughout the year, and each pest creates a different risk for area residents. Whereas termites compromise a home’s structure, rodents raid interiors and spread diseases. Add bed bugs to the mix, and no one is safe from bites, rashes and sores. When these pests invade your space, let Atlantic Pest Control take over.

Invasive Pests in Hampden

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs feed on human blood and become more active during the night. These pests have brownish, flat bodies and measure about 1/4-inch in length. Though you can spot bed bugs easily, they normally hide in mattresses and bedding and go unnoticed. Signs of a bed bug infestation include itchy welts on your body, small fecal matter on sheets and blood smears from crushed bugs. Bed bugs do not spread disease, but they can cause rashes and allergic reactions in allergy-sensitive people.

Rodent Control

Rodents invade homes through cracks in the walls and the foundation. They chew through wood and plaster, create nests in attics and raid pantries at night. Rodents also chew through boxed goods and contaminate food items. These pests leave feces and urine trails along floors and counters, and their dander causes allergic reactions in some people. Rodents also transmit hantavirus and other contagious diseases to humans. Once rodents invade your home, it takes professional pest control to eliminate the infestation.

Termite Control

Despite their small size, termites have large heads and look similar to ants. These pests have voracious appetites and can eat anything from plant matter to wood. Drywood, dampwood and Formosan termites attack homes and furniture from above ground and congregate in large colonies with thousands of workers. Subterranean termites attack a home’s structure from tunnels beneath the soil and extend those tunnels into the wood.

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year, and they usually go unnoticed until you see visible signs of wood decay, tunneling and other damage. This damage can occur from the foundation to the roofline, as winged termites can fly and reach higher parts on a home.

Affordable Hampden Pest Control

Contact Atlantic Pest Control for a free quote on all our services. We serve Hampden and the surrounding areas with quality pest solutions and have even earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award. Bed bugs, rodents and termites don’t go away on their own, so let our professional team come in, inspect the problem and eradicate the infestation for good.

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