Atlantic Pest Control knows better than most people how the humid climate of Greater Baltimore can contribute to pest invasions. Exterminating pests is our livelihood here at our family-owned and -operated business; we’ve been serving our community for more than 30 years.

We encourage you to call us at the first sign of a pest infestation. Here are just three pests that you should watch out for.


These are brown, oval-shaped bugs that hide in warm, snug areas (usually the mattress, box spring, and bed frame) and come out at night to feed on human blood. Their bites, which come in clusters, can develop into itchy welts. You might find it hard to believe they can be in your home, but bedbugs don’t discriminate between low-class and high-class establishments. It’s possible, though, that you may have picked them up in a hotel or motel since they like to hitch a ride on people’s clothing and luggage.

Bites should never be the only thing you go by when determining if bedbugs are in your home; these pests can go for months without feeding. Search your bed for cast off skins or tiny spots, which may be the remains of crushed bedbugs. We can provide treatment along with follow-up visits. The frequency of these we’ll determine together with you.


Though there are two types of termites – subterranean and drywood – we’ll focus on the former because these are the more common. Subterranean termites live in moist soil and burrow up to feed on decayed wood. Signs of their presence include wood that’s hollowed out (with the hard, dark-colored spots untouched), shed wings (from the swarmers), and mud tubes (which termites construct to reach wood structures that are above ground level).

As a solution, we’re proud to provide clients with Sentricon┬« Systems, which are baiting systems. We’ll install containers directly above the termite colony, which will attract the pests away from your home to the bait inside. With its slow-acting poison, it will infect the whole colony within months.


Whether you’re dealing with rats or mice, the problem is still the same. Rodents can infest your attic or basement and, if they’re hungry, burrow their way into your kitchen area. Structural damage can include gnawed wood and torn insulation. Though they may look cute, rodents harbor all sorts of viruses like hantavirus. Their fleas, as we know from history, can transmit the plague. If you breathe in rodents’ bodily fluids once they’ve become airborne, you’re likely to contract a sickness.

Once you’ve sealed up any entry points that we point out in your home or business, we’ll set up tamper-resistant bait stations. When the rodents have been exterminated, we’ll sanitize the areas they inhabited.

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