Waverly, MD, is a small neighborhood in North Baltimore and has a lot to recommend it. Unfortunately, like the rest of the region, it has a humid subtropical climate, which means the summers are hot and humid while the winters are cold and wet. It’s a combination that often brings out pests. Some, like subterranean termites, thrive on humidity. Others, like rats, may enter your home or business for refuge from the cold.

Whether you have a bed bug, ant, roach, or rodent infestation, you’ll want a local pest control company to handle it. At Atlantic Pest Control, we’re proud to offer the pest control Waverly residents need to avoid these problems.

Termite Control

Let’s start with termites. What you’ll likely be faced with in Maryland are the subterranean kind, which can burrow up and feed on moist cellulose materials. Before long, they can be hollowing out the wood structures at your foundation. Turn to us, and we’ll set up a Sentricon┬« bait system in the ground above the termite colony. It won’t be hard for us to determine the extent of your issue; our inspectors are credentialed by the Maryland Pest Control Association and have undertaken tens of thousands of inspections.

Residential Pest Control

From bed bug treatments to rodent control, we can conduct a wide range of services for homeowners. Our service plans make use of both chemical and non-chemical treatments. With bed bugs, for example, heating the room to a lethal temperature usually does the trick. With rodents, we can use traps and poisoned bait. Depending on the infestation, we’ll recommend quarterly or monthly visits. We guarantee that our work will protect your home.

Commercial Pest Control

If you own an office building, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial property and you need, for example, mosquito control, depend on us. Mosquitoes can be eradicated through the use of larvicides and lawn treatments while cockroaches, to give another example, can be killed off via cleanout. All our treatment methods are state-of-the-art. Our team can work in a discreet manner, too, making sure to schedule visits at a time that won’t alarm your customers or employees.

We can provide local pest control for:

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Rodent control, mosquito control, earwig treatments: We do it all. Atlantic Pest Control is a family-owned and -operated company that provides expert pest control Waverly residents can rely on regularly. Call today for an initial inspection. We’ll provide a quote at no charge and with zero obligations.