Rosedale is considered one of the more desirable places to live in the greater Baltimore area. Since it is mostly a residential area, this also means plenty of places for pests to find food, water and shelter. These are some of the most common pests in Rosedale.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs spread quickly and easily in workplaces, schools and even public businesses. They usually travel on clothing, luggage, purses and backpacks. Bed bugs are tiny, brown and flat. Their elusive hiding tactics, small size and ability to survive more than a month without blood makes them hard to get rid of. This also means that they are hard to find. You may not actually see them unless you look closely on mattresses, furniture or carpeting. Dirt-like feces, a strong smell near an infestation and red itchy bumps that appear in a row are usually telltale signs of a bedbug problem.


Termites are small enough to enter your home through cracks in the foundation, under doors and along windowsills. While some types of termites prefer damp wood, others feast on dry wood. They often chew wood from the inside of the walls, which means that damages may be extensive by the time the infestation is discovered. Signs of termites include wing piles, stray winged termites, tube-like dirt tunnels at the base of your home and gnawed or bubbled wood. If you knock on a solid beam but it sounds more hollow, this may be a sign that termites are destroying it. Termite colonies multiply rapidly, which means expensive damages for your home or business.


Mice and rats are common indoor pests. They come into your home searching for food and warmth. Both pests are good at chewing through food boxes and bags to eat or contaminate your supplies. Unfortunately, these unsanitary pests leave their droppings and urine behind on carpeting and furniture. Deer mice are some of the most harmful rodents since their feces may contain hantavirus, which can be fatal. Listeria is often present in rat urine. When rats urinate in HVAC ducts, listeria spores are spread throughout the home. Outdoor rodents in Rosedale include possums and raccoons. Do not try to scare these pests away by approaching them. They can be aggressive and will bite, and they may carry rabies.

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