Although some creatures become more active at certain times of the year, pests can invade Roland Park homes during any season. Numerous locals experience bed bug, mouse, rat or termite infestations. All of these pests can ruin belongings and create dangerous situations. Rodents may also transmit harmful bacteria, while bed bugs cause considerable discomfort for residents of infested buildings. It’s wise to seek professional assistance when any pest problem develops in your home.


Tiny gaps in a structure may permit mice or rats to gain access. These largely nocturnal creatures can also make new holes with their small but razor-sharp teeth. House mice and Norway rats remain the most common rodent pests in the Roland Park area. Rats may live in outdoor burrows before they invade homes. They can exceed 12 inches in length if you measure the body and tail.

Rodents carry diseases that cause serious harm to Maryland residents and their pets. Certain individuals suffer allergic reactions when they enter infested homes. Small mammals often spread fleas, ticks and other parasites. Rodents also feel a frequent urge to gnaw on things. Consequently, they will damage any building that they infest. These animals chew on many different materials, such as vinyl, wood, rubber, plaster and even metal.

Bed Bugs

Although they prefer to infest sleeping quarters, bed bugs can invade any room or building. The small brown insects often take up residence in beds and other furniture. They usually enter homes when people carry infested items indoors. Such objects may include suitcases, used mattresses or clothes. Some infestations begin after Roland Park residents stay in motels or rent home furnishings.

Unlike rodents and termites, bed bugs can’t physically damage buildings. They don’t appear to transmit any diseases. However, these stubborn pests feed on the blood of humans and animals at night. This results in skin irritations and may trigger allergic reactions. People also complain that the bugs stain their sheets and furniture. It remains quite difficult to fully eradicate these insects.


Eastern subterranean termites damage numerous homes in Maryland. This pest lives underground in massive colonies. It infiltrates wooden building materials through tunnels in the dirt. Termites resemble ants but don’t have elbowed antennae. Some fly while others can only crawl. Unfortunately, these insects often stay hidden until a building has suffered severe damage. They also have the potential to harm trees and wooden furnishings.

Termites rarely make the headlines, but their impact rivals the damage inflicted by natural disasters. In an average year, this pest causes more destruction than all of the nation’s hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy wind gusts and fires. It’s vital to detect termites as quickly as possible. Although this insect can inflict tremendous damage, home insurance companies usually won’t pay for the repairs. The same goes for most other pest-related expenses.

If insects or rodents have invaded your Roland Park home, Atlantic Pest Control can provide the rapid professional assistance that you require. Our family-owned company began serving Maryland residents over three decades ago. It has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We reliably eliminate bed bugs, termites, rodents, ants and cockroaches from local homes and businesses. For a free estimate, please call 888-743-4814 today.