If you’re seeking a professional, friendly, and honest pest service for your Severn business or your home, look no further than Atlantic Pest Control, Inc. We are a family-owned and operated extermination business, proud to serve Severn’s residential and commercial properties with:

  • Rapid response to termite treatment and other emergency pest control services.
  • Personalized, friendly service.
  • State-of-the-art pest control methods and tools.
  • Professional, insured and licensed technicians.
  • Honest and affordable prices.
  • Long-term results.

Severn homes and businesses see termites, rodents, cockroaches, and more in any given season. Our goal is to prevent these pests from disrupting your family and safety with professional pest control services. Our knowledge is backed by memberships with the Maryland Pest Control Association and National Pest Management Association, and our successful reputation is backed by thousands of satisfied customers.

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Termite Control in Severn

When your building has a termite problem, Atlantic doesn’t hesitate to respond. Whether you suspect your home or business has a termite infestation or you want peace of mind from our detecting and preventive termite service, Atlantic wants you to contact us immediately to set up a free, no-obligation termite inspection.

Atlantic’s termite service uses the consistently effective Sentricon Termite Elimination System Operator to wipe out entire colonies and provide long-lasting termite treatment. We are committed to rescuing Maryland homes, businesses, and industrial properties from devastating termite damage and offer various termite control services to thoroughly protect your home and family:

  • Real Estate Termite Inspections.
  • Wood Damaging Insect (WDI) Reports.
  • Residential Termite Control.
  • Pre-construction Home Termite Treatment.
  • Commercial Termite Control.

Atlantic’s termite service doesn’t stop at removing a termite infestation from your property. We guarantee to keep them away for years to come.

Rodent Control in Severn

If store-bought traps and at-home efforts are failing to solve your rodent problem, call Atlantic for professional rodent removal. Regardless of whether or not you can tolerate the sight of a mouse or rat scurrying across your floor, rodent removal is a crucial service for homes and businesses experiencing an infestation. Aside from startling people with a surprise appearance, rodents are known to:

  • Cause structural damage by gnawing and burrowing inside walls.
  • Bring ticks, fleas, and other host-seeking insects into your home.
  • Contaminate surfaces and food pantries with urine and fecal matter.
  • Chew through electrical wiring.
  • Spread diseases like tapeworm and LCM.

Our rat removal and business pest service saves you from costly consequences and health hazards by removing disease-carrying rodents from your building without using products or procedures that could harm pets or other people. Atlantic will stay by your side with continuous rodent control treatments until your mouse or rat removal needs are fully met.

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Commercial Pest Control in Severn

Atlantic applies the same friendly and personalized care to our business pest services as we give to our residential customers. We offer your choice of treatment frequencies to ensure your commercial property has long-lasting protection against ants, termites, rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more.

Our Business Pest Services Routinely Treat:

  • Apartment and condominium complexes.
  • Office buildings and stores.
  • Food processing plants and warehouses.
  • Restaurants and meeting facilities.
  • Property management companies.
  • Schools and churches.
  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Pests in your business compromise your reputation, structure, profit, and productivity. Our licensed insect exterminators know the importance of eliminating pests from your property quickly and discreetly. Our pest service for business starts with a free consultation and property inspection, followed by recommendations on how to proceed. Driven by an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and certified by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, our pest control technicians use the industry’s safest and most effective methods to eliminate pests from your business permanently.