Northwood has long remained one of the top places to live in Baltimore. Many residents love this neighborhood’s suburban atmosphere. It’s an ideal place to settle down and raise a family.

While there’s a lot to like about Northwood, local homes and businesses are still at risk of experiencing pest problems. This is why it’s important to find a pest control professional in your area.

Termite Control in Northwood

When researching local pests, you’ll discover that none cause more structural damage than termites. If you fail to address termite problems in a timely matter, you could be facing thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Termites prefer to do their dirty work in discrete places where humans rarely frequent, including in walls and under crawl spaces. Because these insects are so covert, the best approach is to obtain a yearly termite inspection.

By catching problems before things get out of hand, Northwood pest control technicians can save you a lot of money and stress. Our termite control exterminates termite infestations at the source so your house is termite free.

Residential Pest Control for Northwood Homes

Pest can make your life at home a lot less comfortable. Rodent control is especially important. Like rats, mice have an incredible ability to squeeze through small holes. Once rodents gain access to your home, you’ll soon notice the signs of their presence.

The disgusting droppings and musty odor will be hard to ignore. These pests can multiply in number rapidly, so never wait to call a rodent control exterminator. When the weather begins to get hot and muggy, mosquito control becomes a big concern.

Few insects in the world have the potential to cause as much sickness as mosquitoes. To prevent your family from being exposed to these blood-sucking parasites, have your yard treated. Whether you’re playing with your kids or barbecuing food on the grill, mosquito control will allow everyone to enjoy being outdoors.

Unlike some other pests, cockroaches often cause problems throughout the year. They can cause a number of health issues, including food contamination and asthma flair-ups.

Our residential pest control can eliminate pest infestations from your Northwood home and prevent pests from returning.

Commercial Pest Control for Northwood Businesses

All commercial property owners in the Northwood area must take the necessary steps to protect against pests. What may begin as a small bug problem can quickly develop into a serious infestation.

When customers find about your pest issues, the news will spread quickly. The reputation of your business will start to suffer. You should also consider the fact that pests can cause sanitation problems and damage property. Our commercial pest control service can exterminate pests infestation at your business or building.

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