Bugs are meant to stay outdoors, not in your home. No matter the season, various pests creep and crawl from the outside and get into your living areas, where they breed and spread to other parts of the house. Ants, bed bugs and termites bring about different problems for homeowners, and each pest requires a different treatment for successful elimination. When you’re faced with pests where you live, sleep and play, Atlantic Pest Control has a solution to your problem.

Ant Control

Ants don’t care where the food or water is; they’ll get to it one way or another. Whether it’s a carpenter ant or a tawny ant, your home is always under attack from these small pests. If you’ve seen one ant in your home, there’s a huge chance that you’ll see even more in the future. These pests leave behind pheromone trails as they hunt for food and water and give other ants a heads-up on which way to follow. Before treating your home, we determine which ants are the problem and then use the correct treatment to provide fast, effective results.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs were a major problem in the 70s and have recently made a comeback. They infest everywhere, from schools and offices to homes and hotels. They’re silent hitchhikers, clinging to backpacks and luggage and hiding out until they’ve found a good location to call home. These tiny, brownish bugs feed on blood and breed uncontrollably. They’ll spread quickly once they’re inside and infest every living space in your home. It’s hard to eliminate these invasive pests with over-the-counter treatments since they’ve grown resistant to certain chemicals. We use the latest methods to eliminate bed bugs and to prevent reinfestation in your home or business.

Termite Control

Termites cost homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars in damages each year. They’re one of the most destructive pests on the planet as they build massive colonies and devour wooden structures. Depending on the species, they’ll attack below or above the ground and feed on wooden timbers, structural frames, fences and more. Even if you eliminate one colony, there’s bound to be another one around the corner waiting to attack your home. Our experienced team can inspect your home for termites, use successful treatments to eradicate the colony and apply preventative methods to stop the pests from coming back.

Professional Pest Control in Columbia, MD

Contact Atlantic Pest Control for a free quote and more information about our effective pest control services. We serve the entire Columbia and Greater Baltimore area, helping to keep pests out of homes and businesses throughout the year. If ants, bed bugs or termites have caused problems on your property, let our professional team come in and get rid of the pests for good.