A short walk from the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, MD, is a beautiful historic town known for its eclectic pubs, restaurants, and small shops. Along the cobblestone walkways, locals and visitors can enjoy waterfront views, seafood from the bay, and museums.

Although Fells Point is a popular neighborhood in Baltimore, it is still home to several pest problems. Since many homes and businesses in the area are townhome and apartment structures, pests can spread and travel fast from one location to the other resulting in many issues.

Termite Control

Many homes and businesses seek out pest control services to assist with these issues. A popular Fells Point Pest Control service is termite control. Termites can wreak havoc upon building structures because they can go undetected. Termites are commonly attracted to moisture and wood. If termites are suspected, a termite control specialist can provide a free no-obligation inspection and quote to get rid of the problem. An annual service policy can also help keep your residential or commercial building free of pests.

Residential Pest Control

Termites aren’t the only pests that infiltrate homes. When pests enter your home, they can turn it upside down. Our residential pest control services can solve the problem. We work with top-notch technology that uses state of the art techniques that include both chemical and nonchemical procedures that work to eliminate the pest threat.

Commercial Pest Control

If you have a business in the Fells Point area, then it is vital your building is free of pests. Your brand and reputation depend on it. If you believe your business is experiencing a pest infestation, we can provide a free consultation with one of our experienced exterminators. We can offer you a personalized treatment plan to get your business back up and running quickly.

Our Fells Point pest control services do not stop there. We also specialize in treatment plans to eradicate the following pests:

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