Catonsville, like its neighbor Baltimore, has a warm, temperate climate with moderate rainfall throughout the year and above-average humidity levels. At Atlantic Pest Control, we know that these conditions can make homes and commercial properties more appealing to pests like roaches and bedbugs. We want you to know what to watch out for; that way, you can catch any infestations in their early stages.


These brown, oval-shaped pests usually enter homes by hitching a ride on travelers in hotels and motels, and from there they migrate to warm, snug areas like wall and baseboard cracks, closets, and mattresses. They bite in rows or clusters on exposed skin, and these turn into itchy welts; however, some people are never affected by the bites and thus never realize that there’s an infestation.

Besides their bites, there are several signs of their presence. You might find a tiny stain that has bled into your bed sheets; this would be the remains of a crushed bedbug. Other stains that look like pinpoints could be their excrement. If you look in the folds of your mattress, you may find shells with a bedbug outline to them; these would be their discarded skins. We can always come and conduct a thorough inspection, and once we determine where these pests are dwelling, we can fumigate them and return two weeks later for follow-up treatment.


You might find ants outside your home, either in the garden or near your trashcan, but once they get inside, you’ll need to act quickly to have them exterminated. Ants will eat almost anything that’s lying around whether it’s human food or pet food, but they especially like meats and sweets. Carpenter ants, which are frequently found in this area, will burrow into wood structures like your eaves and siding, especially if these are wet or decayed, and cause widespread structural damage. Fire ants are also common, are aggressive, and can give people burning, itchy bites.

Apart from seeing the ants themselves, there are virtually no signs that one can go by when determining an ant infestation. Carpenter ants, however, will eject wood shavings out of the structures they inhabit. Once you spot the pests, have us trace them back to their nest, as that’s the only way to ensure a thorough solution. We use gel bait and bait pucks to exterminate ants and are usually able to avoid fumigation.


Cockroaches will enter your home through cracks, holes, windows, and drain pipes looking for a dark, damp, warm, and noiseless place to breed. Once you see one or two scurrying across your kitchen or bathroom, it’s safe to assume that there are many more already. These pests will contaminate your food and spread diseases like salmonella and streptococcus, and they’ll also trigger allergies and asthma.

They leave behind droppings that look like black peppers and sometimes stain the walls. Another sign of a major infestation is a distinct musty odor. If you call on us, we’ll lay down bait and only fumigate as a last resort. You can choose between a quarterly and monthly treatment plan.

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